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This page is for retrieving codes for Crake geocoins the will enable you to activate your geocoin. If you don't see the coin edition of the coin you are trying to activate, then you may be at the wrong site. If that's the case, check out this geocoin blog for a list of other activation websites.
To retrieve an activation code, enter your e-mail, enter the geocoin tracking code (or codes separated by a comma), and then click on the 'Retrieve Code' button. You will receive the activation code via e-mail. You will then need to go to the travelbug page to activate your geocoin.

AOL Users
If you do not receive the code email, please email me your tracking numbers.

NOTE: Only coins designed by Crake are hosted at this site.
Get the code(s):
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Geocoin Tracking Code(s) (separated by commas):
A note on security: the e-mail and IP address is logged for every request to prevent abuse of the system. Invalid requests are actively monitored, and if a high volume of invalid requests comes from a single IP and/or email address, the address(es) may be blocked from this system.

If you are not receiving your activation code e-mail in your inbox, please check your SPAM or JUNK mail folder to see if the e-mail got flagged as SPAM or JUNK mail. All request subject lines contain the keyword [CRAKE], and you may wish to add this to your whitelist.

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